Agricura Cooperative

Agricura is a self-help organisation of the Swiss mandatory nitrogen stockists established under private law to ensure economical supplies to the country. As a cooperative, it performs tasks which are assigned to it by the Confederation in relation to mandatory stockholding.

It safeguards the interests of its members in the field of mandatory stockholding.

Agricura operates a guarantee fund compliant with the provisions of the National Supply Act and funded by contributions from domestic sales of nitrogen fertilizers.

Mission and objectives

Agricura protects its members against financial losses from the price risk during the contractual stockholding period and provides appropriate compensation for the expenditure associated with mandatory stockholding. It also protects its members against uninsurable material risks which are covered neither by the Confederation nor by third parties. It keeps cooperative members and authorities informed of the supply status of Swiss fertilizer products for which stockholding is mandatory.

Agricura is a non-profit entity. It works with the public authorities, importers and manufacturers to achieve cost-optimized mandatory stockholding of nitrogen fertilisers in compliance with the statutory provisions.

The key legal bases, decrees and provisions of the cooperative which are important in connection with mandatory nitrogen stockholding are listed under the “Rechtsgrundlagen“ heading.